About Us

This Medjugorje hotel and tour booking site is owned and operated by the family team of Zana and Allen of Medjugorje Tours & Travel.

We are an independent travel agency situated in the heart of Medjugorje, a small town that since 1981 has seen millions of pilgrims visit after various sightings of the Virgin Mary. Many groups are visiting Medjugorje but with no online booking system established, it is difficult for individuals to make the trip. This collaborative effort with our team, the IFC, and whl.travel - will make it all possible!

Meet the Team Zana

Zana enjoys spending most of her time with her children and loves nature, grabbing the opportunity to head off with my kids to the woods to hike, take walks by the river, and meet animals at the horse ranch. It's such a special place where you can enjoy the serenity and feel the breeze whistling through the trees, with birds singing everywhere.

Until the age of 15 I lived in Vienna, able to speak fluent English and German, which eventually led me to attend a touristy high school. While I was there, I enjoyed my summer jobs in Medjugorje and had already fallen in love with the place. In Norway I finished at the tourism academy knowing I will be able to use what I learnt when I returned to Medjugorje.

In 2001, I started to work at a travel agency and to really become passionate about travellers, and started to dream of having my own agency where I could spend more time caring for my customers. And I don't know how, but somehow in 2006, my dream came true."

Zana's husband Allen has many strengths, especially in marketing and design, with knowledge gained from working with various companies in Norway. He is also excellent with people and loves taking them for these trips, always made unique from the large amount of historical knowledge he has.

"I worked for a CRM-customer relation management firm in Norway for 5 years, as well as working at Elite Travel Agency in Dubrovnik as tour leader for Norwegian and English tourists. Now most of my time is taken up with our agency which helps out with computers at the internet café, running a pick up service at the airport, and conducting local tours for small groups.

I sum up Medjugorje like Bernard Shaw, who said ‘If you are looking for paradise... come to Dubrovnik, but if you are looking for peace...come to Medjugorje.'

I enjoy designing all kinds of marketing material and flyers, and especially setting up some of the amazing local tours. In my spare time I love to relax playing Warcraft, enjoying trips with our children, and taking care of them.

I especially like meeting new partners at the various trade fares, which help to promote tourism programs in Medjugorje."

Sustainable Tourism in Medjugorje

We believe that Our Lady calls on us all for a reason. We believe in trying to be there for everybody who needs us and to be involved in local activities which can really help them. We see this as one of the main purpose of our work. With prayer and action, we believe together we can enhance and protect the environmental, economic and cultural aspects of Medjugorje.

As part of this, we encourage tours to some of the villages. It is an amazing experience when travellers can interact and learn about these locals, and that jobs and money from tourism can be invested back into the local community to help give them a sustainable future.

What we can offer you?

We can offer you tour packages, customized trips covering regional flights, transfers, hotel bookings and car rentals. We also organize regular tours of Herzegovina cities, villages, landscapes and cultural treasures - our goal is to give you a truly memorable Medjugorje experience from the moment that you send us an email or communicate with us in any way.
We are blessed to have our office just next to Adoration chapel facing St. James church. There we will be pleased to help you with practical information, travel literature and advice, as well mass arrangements if your group is traveling with a priest, optional excursion updates and much more.
We are dedicated to meeting the client's wishes and, from customer feedback (info@travel-medjugorje.com), are continuously evaluating how we can enhance our service.

Why do we love what we do?

First and foremost, it's the people that we meet. There is not much that feels better to us than being able to meet all the people we do from all over the world. We get to tell them about the special places in Medjugorje, and learn about different cultures and countries along the way. Everyday someone comes to us with stories on their experiences in Medjugorje, and it is always satisfying to be part of something special for these people.

We also plan to give our children the opportunity to learn the business. We have a boy Karlo (20), a girl Emanuela (18) ,young little boss Tony (7) years old and our little girl Anamaria (4). The two older ones have already started in helping out, and speak English and Norvegian fluently. Karlo, the eldest boy, is a computer wizard (like daddy) and helps people with our internet service, which is also a part of our agency and making some specials Photo DVD's of Hercegovina end Medjugorje.

At our office we also have internet service where you can stay in a contact with your family and friends, for much less than using regular phones. Or why not do like many do just step in and enjoy in a peacefull reading of some tourist magasin's what you can find  there.

Medjugorje - A special place for us

This amazing place holds a special place in our hearts, and we are so passionate about Medjugorje, and all it has to offer.

When we have friends come to visit, we always invite them to enjoy some of the more spiritual experiences Medjugorje has to offer, even if you are not religious. Some of the most special times you can have here include relaxing with the inner peace you can feel climbing Cross Mountain; taking time to shout out your souls and worries on Apparition Hill; and to kneel in the chapel to truly have a soulful insight.

Imagine meeting someone on the street for the first time, start talking, and you are both climbing together up the mountain. At the top, you can kneel and pray together or just take in this peaceful, historic and religious place. After these kinds of experiences, we see so often how these strangers can turn into friends for life.

Another display of what Medjugorje is all about is see the local youth festival, witnessing a wave of youth from the local community - all singing and dancing together with an obvious abundance of joy and peace. The celebrations often continue well into the late evening, where you will see numerous flags with colours representing countries from all over the world - all walking to the same rhythm. It is a true display of peace and unity for which we feel very blessed to be a part of.