Dobrodošli! Welcome to Medjugorje!

Dear pilgrims,

Let us invite you on a journey to HEAVEN ON EARTH. To feel the presence of the DIVINE in your daily life, in order to take it with you, your family and all around you. Medjugorje...the sun feels as close as to be touched, the clouds as a fairy tale picture, land wide and green as a portrait of Monet.

In all this peace, you will have all your time to reach out to our Lord, with tears and laughter on the steps to Cross Mountain, climbing Apparition Hill and in the glory of St. James Church and its surroundings. If the visionaries are available, you will have the opportunities to meet them, be present at their talks, or even at an Apparition of OUR LADY QUEEN OF PEACE.

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Let us help you experience it the best way and return home with beautiful memories.



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Medjugorje is situated at a height of 200 meters above sea level and has a temperate Mediterranean climate, see our Medjugorje Weather page for more information! With its enthralling landscapes and stunning scenery, it makes for an attractive destination for all travellers and not just those on a Medjugorje pilgrimage.

The township of Medjugorje has been around for a long time, first mentioned in documented records from 1599. Christianity came to this village 1,300 years ago and today it is wholly inhabited by Croatian Catholics, with the Catholic Parish covering Medjugorje and four of its neighboring villages - namely Surmanci, Miletina, Bijakovici and Vionica. The existing Parish was established in 1892 and is dedicated to St. James, the apostle and guardian saint of pilgrims. Make sure you book Medjugorje Hotels near St. James Church.

Devout Catholics aspire to visit Medjugorje once in their lifetime, to pray at the site of the apparition of the Blessed Mother. What is also unique to Medjugorje is that the church here conducts Mass in more than ten languages including Croatian, Italian, Spanish, and English, in addition to a daily prayer service in the evening.

Our Medjugorje travel portal offers a wide variety of hotels in Medjugorje and Medjugorje Pensions to ensure your stay in Medjugorje is comfortable.

In 1981, six Croatian children were playing on a rugged mountain slope when they were blessed with the vision of the Virgin Mother. The parents did not believe them initially. But when the children persisted that they saw the apparition almost every day, the parents were convinced, and very soon the most rabid disbelievers were converted into devout believers. Millions of Catholics began arriving at Medjugorje to pray at the site of the holy visions.We offer a range of Medjugorje Tours and activities so that you can also enjoy other aspects of the region.

Before the apparitions were sighted on the 24th of June 1981, Medjugorje was just another small, sleepy village with only about 400 people, making a meager livelihood from tobacco farming, grape and vegetable cultivation and wine distilling from vineyards. You can still enjoy the traditional aspects of Medugorje with some of our Medjugorje Hotels and Medugorje Pensions offering homemade wines and delicious delicacies in Medugorje.

With so many pilgrims flocking to Medjugorje, it is important to book your hotels, pensions or guesthouse as soon as possible. With our travel portal we offer Medjugorje hotels and Medjugorje Pensions , as well as Medjugorje Pilgrimage information. We are local devout Catholics in Medjugorje and can offer you with the best advice when travelling to Medjugorje. Also, you can visit this blog about travel in Bosnia & Herzegovina .

Medjugorje.. is a call for the whole world, a call for people of good will to find happiness and peace.

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