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As a historical region, Herzegovina offers a great number of historical sights such as the Old Town in Mostar, Počitelj, Blagaj, Mogorjelo, Radimlja, the fortress in Ljubuški, etc. Herzegovinian museums store many archaeological finds and fossils from ancient history. It is precisely because of this that Herzegovina offers to each of its guests a "walk" through time.

The capital of Herzegovina is Mostar which together with Međugorje - the famous pilgrimage site, the seaside resort Neum and other attractions make this region one of the most attractive ones in the southeast Europe.
Herzegovina is known for its rich gastronomic offer of the domestic, autochthonous products.

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Morning departure to  Humac Franciscan Monastery, the oldest museum in the country, established in 1884, the(built in 1869) with its museum and beautiful parish of St. Anthony  just outside the town of Ljubuški (15 minutes drive from Medjugorje) . The Humac Museum hosts one of the finest collections of ancient relics, all found in the vicinity of the monastery.

The oldest script ever found in the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Humacka ploca, is exhibited here. This stone-carved slate written in Glagolithic is said to date back to the 10th century. The museum has a significant collection of relics from the Roman settlements including jewelers, weapons, helmets and hand carved tombstones. Many of the excavated items come from the ruins of a Roman military camp, Bigeste, near the monastery.  Duration: 2 hours

Continue your tour to The gem of this region, the famous Waterfalls Kravice with its  crystal-clear water of the Trebizat River. The Waterfalls are stretching over 100m across and tumbling down 25m, Kravica is one of the largest waterfalls in Herzegovina and certainly the most impressive one. The waterfalls have a natural pool dug out at the base of the falls by the constant rush of water. It is a favorite local swimming hole with picnic area, café and even a place to pitch a tent if you like. Duration: 1.30 hour               

En-route we stop at Pocitelj. Počitelj is a real, open-air museum and a much cherished place by various artists who, in this miraculous scenery, and inspiration for their works of art. Walking through the streets of Počitelj is an experience not to be missed.

This unique settlement, listed as a UNESCO heritage site and recent reconstruction has returned the town to its original form. It was first mentioned in 1444 but some documents show that it was built in the late 14th century upon the order of the Bosnian King Tvrtko.

Driver on  the magnificent new road along the Neret river we will stop for visit the Serbian Orthodox Christian Monastery of the Annunciation of the Mother of God

Žitomislić  is а monastery of the Serb Orthodox Church located near Mostar. This orthodox monastery, built in 1566 was one of the most important orthodox monasteries of Herzegovina in the 16th century, and dedicated to the Annunciation of the most holy mother of God.

On the same road we will make a brief stop for refershment in Blagaj that lies on the source of the Buna River and  is one of the largest and most beautiful in Europe. Buna River is the finest example of an underground karst river.