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We hope the information below answers any of your questions. If not, send us an email or find us on skype!  

We would kindly invite you to visit us at our local travel Agency Medjugorje Tours and Travel.  We are eager and glad to tell you more about our Medjugorje shrine.  We know navigating a new place can be difficult, so it's our mission to ensure that your pilgrimage is hassle free.

We would also be more than happy to inform you about the prayer program at St. James church as well possible meetings with visionaries and priests.

Let us invite you on a journey to heaven on earth. To feel the presence of the divine in your daily life, in order take it with you, your family and all around you. Medjugorje...the sun feels as close as to be touched, the clouds as a fairytale picture, land wide and green as a portrait of Monet.

In all this peace, you will have all your time to reach out to our Lord, with tears and laughter on the steps to Cross Mountain, climbing Apparition Hill and in the glory of St. James Church and its surroundings. If the visionaries are available, you will have the opportunities to meet them, be present at their talks, or even at an Apparition of Our Lady Queen of Peace.

Let us help you experience it the best way and return home with beautiful memories.

Peace, prayer and the beautiful presence of Our Lady Of Peace..all in the pilgrimage to Medjugorje!

Feel free to contact us about any question or query you may have about your holiday to Medjugorje! We are available by phone, fax, email or Skype!

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Mailing address: Medjugorje , ., Bosnia & Herzegovina
Tel: 00 387 63 474 580

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