Food & Cuisine in Medjugorje

Medjugorje is a small town and you do not have to go far looking for a good meal, local or international. There are pizzerias, cafes, ice cream shops, bakeries as well as restaurants specialising in local cuisine, all along the main road. If you want to sample the fare of the local delicatessen, then step into the bakery on the main road or the bakery facing the school.

This Medjugorje Restaurant Guide gives you an insight into the cuisine and food of the local area, as well as some suggested placed to enjoy a meal. Food & Cuisine in Medjugorje. Thanks to the tremendous tourist influx in the last two decades, restaurants in Medjugorje serve a variety of international cuisines. However, do not miss the experience of tasting the local cuisine.

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Medugorje cuisine

The staunch vegetarian is at a slight disadvantage in Medjugorje. Medjugorje cuisine uses a lot of meat, so much so that even the so called vegetarian dishes made with beans, known as grah, use smoked meats and bacon. Most of the stews too contain meat, so also the rice and pasta dishes. One of the must haves of Medugorje cuisine is pastrmka, a platter of trout. Burek (pita) and cevapi are two local dishes that can be classified as Medjugorje fast food.

Medugorje Spreads

As in most European countries, food here is served with bread. What makes it distinctive is the array of spreads and condiments that go along with it. There is ajvar, which is made from roasted eggplant and peppers, ground andcooked slowly in salt and pepper seasoning. It is the Medugorje version of a bruschetta spread. You can also try kajmak, made from cream that is salted and preserved. It tastes a lot like smoked salted cheese but with the consistency of cream cheese. Kajmak, made in Travnik, is very famous and exported all over the world. Pickled onions, cucumbers and peppers also find a prominent place on the table.

Medjugorje Fast Food

If you wish to stick to the beaten path, there are a number of fast food restaurants that serve burgers, hotdogs and pizza. Bite into a panini sandwich at one of the local Medjugorje coffee shops. These are very popular with the youngsters. If you are a connoisseur of coffee, then be sure to taste Bosnian coffee. It may remind you of Turkish coffee, but it has a subtle distinctive taste of its own.

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A genuine ethnic restaurant, this lovely place has a real character of comfort and relaxing atmosphere. Perfect for lunches and evening meals. The owner’s family has his own wine yard and garden with local fruits and vegetables. is building a very similar place next door with eight more rooms. It’s 1.5km south of St. James church.

Ethno restaurant Radic in Medjugorje  offers to the its visitors top service  with genuine traditional specialties. In authentic, rustic ambience, you will purely forget which year it is and with the light of the fireplace, you will experience unforgettable moments! The restaurant has furthermore a rustic terrace, where you will love the remarkable view.
Afford yourself an outflow from the ordinary and enrich your senses ....

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Restaurant Victor's Top

Regularly excessive great meals at Restaurant Victor’s in Medjugorje. Sufficiently allot of local vegetarian choices as well a large of selection for meat lovers. Food is continually freshly made and within budget . The restaurant is fine decorated and always clean. Nice setting. One of my favorites. Victor’s is known as a great host of his cuisine and his lovely staff.


Restaurant Columbo Top

In addition to beautiful view you can also enjoy in tasteful honest Herzegovinian food . Columbo restaurant is centrally located just across St. James church.

It is a classic local restaurant with a rich history, where locals and visitors of the city meet for breakfast, lunch, dinner, tea or just for a cup of coffee.

Medjugorje restaurant Columbo has created a menu trusting on seasonally available Herzegovinian products that consists of classic and traditional dishes and as well international creations.

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