Food & Cuisine in Medjugorje

Lamb and Seafood Top

Restaurant Most
Opening Hours: 07:00 to 22:00
Address: Teskera 1 88 320 Ljubuski Bosnia and Herzegovina
Phone number: 00387 39 831 613
Description: Restaurant Most is a family restaurant with 48 years of catering tradition. It is a rustic restaurant with a summer terrace and a separate terrace on a shaded bank of the River Trebizat. House specialties include: scab-bard fish, medallions of grilled lamb, cutlets, grilled and stewed date-shells, and other grilled seafood dishes. There is an assortment of home-made wines available like, Zilavka, Blatina and brandy, and great selection of bottled white and red wine from Herzegovina and Croatia.
Restaurant Most is located on the River Trebizat about 12km from Medjugorje, 1km from the centre of Ljubuski, 2km from the Croatian border.

The conference room accommodate 60 people and the parking area large enough for 60 vehicles. On the premises there are two tennis courts, canoes, kayaks, and bicycles for rent which are included as part of their sport-activity offer.

Traditional Top

Etno Kuća
Opening Hours: 08:00 to 23:00
Address: Surmanci

altEtno Kuca in Medjugorje offers to you top service  with genuine traditional specialties. In authentic, rustic ambience, you will purely forget which year it is and with the light of the fireplace, you will experience unforgettable moments! The restaurant has a rustic terrace, where you will love the remarkable view.

Afford yourself an outflow from the ordinary and enrich your senses ..

Restaurant Udovice
Opening Hours: 09:00 to 23:00
Address: Sretnice - 88203 Krisevo - Bosna and Herzegovina

Restaurant Udovice specialises in grilled lamb, bread made under the baking lid and their domestic wine - brewed in a private cellar. With the combination of traditional and modern interior, Restaurant Udovice provides a warm ambience.

The exterior is glazed which can be used depending on the weather conditions. Even guests with the most selective taste can find something to suit their culinary palate. Restaurant Udovice is located 2km from Medjugorje.

Seafood, Italian Top

Restaurant Dubrovnik
Opening Hours: 08:00 to 23:00
Address: Medjugorje Centre
Description: Restaurant Dubrovnik offers a wide range of meals including grill steaks, grilled fish, meals from the iron pan and 20 different types of pizza. They use original recipes for their lasagna and pasta cuisine. The restaurant is open throughout the year, serving cold and warm beverages, and desserts. Restaurant Dubronik is located just across from St. James Church and has air-conditioning and credit card payment facilities.

Traditional cuisine, Seafood Top

Restaurant LUMARIS
Opening Hours: 07:00 to 23:00
Address: Neretvanska bb88260 ČITLUKBosnia and Herzegovina

Uniquely decorated Restaurant LUMARIS is recognisable for its large selection of dishes from the traditional cuisine of Herzegovina and widely known fish specialties.
Widely famous gastronomic delicacies have launched Hotel Kaktus - Restaurant LUMARIS into the very peak of the gastronomic offer of Herzegovina and its surroundings.

Restaurant Lumaris offers a wide range of:
-  Continental breakfast
-  Buffet breakfast
-  Local and international specialties
-  A la carte, daily specialties
-  Vegetarian dishes
-  Domestic and foreign drinks, cocktails, wine
-  Local and foreign desserts

Restaurant Lumaris is located 7 km from Medjugorje.
Contact your local connection for more information or booking.

Ceremonial Hall Top

Ceremonial Hall BRAVIROS
Address: Neretvanska bb88260 ČITLUKBosnia and Herzegovina

Hotel Kaktus has a supremely equipped ceremonial hall BRAVIROS, which can take 600 guests. Ceremonial hall BRAVIROS is the best choice for your:

* Business meetings
* Multimedia presentations
* Press and media conferences and presentations
* Education/workshops
* Family gatherings and weddings
* Cocktail parties, catering and banquets

Ceremonial hall BRAVIROS is located 7 km from Medjugorje.
Contact your local connection for more information or booking.


Traditional, A'la carte Top

Restaurant La Casa
Opening Hours: 08:00 to 23:00
Address: Trome

Sport Center in Medjugorje houses a'la carte restaurant "La Casa" where you can enjoy specialties from Herzegovina, custom order specialties and a vast selection of Herzegovina vines.

A summer terrace is situated in the woods and offers cool hideaway during the hot summer months.

Restaurant La Casa is located 2 km from Medjugorje.
Contact your local connection for more information or booking.

Traditional cuisine Top

Herceg Etno selo
Opening Hours: 09:00 to 23:00
Address: Herceg Etno SeloTromedja bbCitluk 88266BiH
Phone number: 00 387 36 650 389

Restaurant - a small paradise for the gastronomes.
The restaurant is located in the center of the village, perfect for enjoying the uniqueness of our food and wine, the more famous varieties of Zilavka and Blatina.
Basement compiled in stone is the heart of the restaurant. Filled with well-known, first-class wines complements with a few intimate corners of restaurants, and the way of building this village represents one of old local types of traditional architecture.

Above the rivulet, which is the first of three lakes in the village, goes through the center of culinary pleasures, located in the gallery, and next to it has a big terrace with a beautiful view of the whole village.

Restaurant has over six hundred places, provided for guests who are here to have a break, business lunch or intimate dinner for two.

Today, Herceg Ethno Village , with its kind people, opens its stone door, the entrance to his primeval palaces to receive visitors from all over the world...