Shopping in Medjugorje

Our Medjugorje Shopping Guide will assit you on your travels to Medjugorje to find the best souveniers and food markets. Despite being a small town, there are many options for shopping in Medjugorje. Shops here sell not only religious mementoes but other interesting things as well, in response to the tastes and requirements of the tourists who have been visiting Medjugorje in large numbers in the last two decades.

All action is concentrated around the main street where you can find most of Medjugorje shops, hotels and restaurants. It is quite like any other town in the West. There are fuel stations with convenience stores, sports shops bearing the Nike emblem, and clubs with pool tables and discos, alongside shops selling traditional art and craft of Medjugorje!

Most of the shops in Medjugorje sell a profusion of religious paraphernalia. On the street leading up to St. James Cathedral, which is the focal point of Medugorje, you will find a number of shops that sell plaster sculptures of the Blessed Mother, rosaries and prayer beads, refrigerator magnets shaped like the Virgin Mary, religious books and scriptures and post cards and photos with images of the Virgin Mary and the Cathedral.

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Apart from this, you will also find shops selling other items of tourist interest, from Medjugorje baseball caps to maps and guide books of Croatia. An interesting Medjugorje souvenir to carry back home is the sahovnica, or the checkerboard, which is the main coat of arms of Croatia. Or you can carry back leaflets of the Mass conducted in Croatian.

Shopping for food in Medjugorje

There are many small homely grocery shops in Medjugorje run by the locals. You can pick up your daily toiletries and food requirements from these quaint shops. To savour some tasty bread, step into the bakery facing the school, or the one on the main street.

Shopping Centres in Medjugorje

Between Citluk and Ljubuski, you can find the Malisic shopping centre. This mall has many shops that stock trendy upmarket wares. There are also coffee shops, where you can take a break and replenish yourself. One of the main reasons though for a visit to the shopping centre is the air conditioning on a hot day!

For your photography needs, step into one of the many processing studios around Medugorje. Photo Đani is one of the better equipped studios. You can find it next to Columbo's Restaurant and it is easily identifiable thanks to the Kodak sign.

Medical Centres in Medjugorje

If you need medicines, head for the pharmacy opposite St. James Cathedral in Medjugorje or the drug store next to Hotel Regina, Medjugorje. You will find courteous attendants in both these stores. There are good clinics and hospitals all around Medugorje, and pharmacies and health centres in the smaller localities. You will be charged directly for any healthcare service provided by them.

Money Exchange & Currency in Medjugorje

Medjugorje is located in Bosnia & Herzegovina and so uses the national Konvertible Mark (KM) as the primary currency, with 1 KM equalling 0.50 EUR. However, there is not a shop in Medjugorje that won't accept EUR currency with most prices and menus also displayed in Euro. It is also possible to pay with most major credit cards in hotels and upmarket establishments.

There are ATM machines in Medjugorje all around the town. The ATMs next to Restaurant Dubrovnik and at the basement of Hotel Regina, both on the main street, are most conveniently located.

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