Medjugorje Tours and Activities

Zdravo! Welcome to our online Medjugorje Tours Booking Portal operated by our local Medjugorje team! .We have so many different tours of Medjugorje and the surrounding cities for you to take full advantage of when visiting Medjugorje! 

Our packages are

  • flexible to suit your needs
  • with itineraries that can be easily modified
  • prepared by an experienced management team

We also offer a great selection of Medjugorje Hotels located in and around the center of Medjugorje, be sure to check them out!

Duration: 13 days
EUR 1,584/person
(assuming 6 travellers)
Duration: 9 days
EUR 713/person
(assuming 19 travellers)
Duration: 8 days
EUR 980/person
(assuming 1 travellers)
Duration: 1 day
EUR 80/person
(assuming 2 travellers)
Duration: 1 day
EUR 55/person
(assuming 3 travellers)