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Airport Dubrovnik, Sarajevo or Split

Booking notes

Price includes:- 

Return airport transfers 
6 nights in 4 Star Hotel, in Medjugorje 
1 night in 3 Star Hotel Astarea, Mlini, close to Dubrovnik 
Rooms with private facilities, TV, A/C & hairdryer 
Daily buffet breakfast / dinner / 1 lunch 
All transport within Medjugorje 
All Excursions (transport included) 
Entrance to St. Anthony’s Church 
Lunch near River Trebizat 
Dinner in Mostar 
Services of Tour Leader and Spiritual Director 
City Tax of €1.00 per person per night 
Airport taxes & service charge 
Insolvency Fund 

Tour leader and priest free


  • Medjugorje sights,
  • Sarajevo including church of St. Anthony and Sacred heart of Jesus cathedral
  • Mostar old town, St. Anthony Franciscan monastery with visit of the bell tower,
  • Tihaljina Church of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary
  • Siroki Brijeg Franciscan monastery and church consecrated to the Blessed Virgin Mary
  • Ljubuski Saint Anthony church and Franciscan Monastery
  • Surmanci Divine Mercy church
  • Studenci Shrine of secret heart of Jesus
  • Trebizat River
  • Dubrovnik old town and St. Blaise cathedral
  • Group size: from 1 to 50 people
  • Pickup location: Airport Dubrovnik, Sarajevo or Split
  • Drop-off location: Airport Dubrovnik, Sarajevo or Split
  • Pickup time: (7.00 AM - 8.00 AM)
  • Drop-off time: (6.00 AM - 6.20 AM)


Day 1 Arrival 

Pick up by your driver at the airport and transfer to the hotel. Check in.

If earlier arrival than you are welcome to join the daily evening prayer program at St. James church from 6 - 9 pm

Dinner and overnight at the hotel

Day 2  Medjugorje
10:00 Mass – Adoration Chapel (To book)
Orientation tour - Blazenka 1/2 day
Meet your guide for orientation tour around St. James church :(Adoration chapel, the Exterior altar, Statue of the Queen of Peace and St. Leopold, Risen Savior statue and its prayer area etc.)
Free time after tour
Evening St. James Parish activities
17 h Joyful and Sorrowful Mysteries of the Rosary
18 h Holy Mass
19-20 h Blessings of objects, Prayer for health of soul and body, Glorious Mysteries of the Rosary

20:00 Dinner

Day 3   Medjugorje
07:00 Breakfast
07.45 To leave hotel early by coach (check time)
08.00 Pray Rosary at the Blue Cross
09:00 Be present for the Apparition of Our Lady to Mirjana
09.30 Apparition Hill
With a guide, climb Apparition Hill where the young visionaries first encountered Our Lady. As you climb, you can see the inspired beauty of the bronze plaques depicting each mystery of the rosary and pray before the cross that commemorates the spot where Our Lady appeared. Visit Blue Cross

Apparition Hill (Mount Podbrdo)
This mountainous hill is where the visionaries first encountered Our Lady 25 June 1981. Also, at the base of this hill a Wooden Cross “Marija, walking down the hill, mysteriously was physically pushed to the side and shown by Our Lady a cross, pointing to it saying, ‘Peace, peace, peace.’ It is interesting to note that Our Lady said these words the third day, June 26, 1981, of the apparitions. Is it not strange that the violence of the Cross, blood, torn flesh, a terrible atrocity is shown by Our Lady to represent peace? This important lesson teaches many things. When we struggle and are in the midst of turmoil, it is then that we turn to prayer the most, seeking peace. More

When climbing, your group is invited to recite the Rosary, pausing five times for each decade of the Rosary. At the top of the hill, you will witness the exact location of the first alleged apparition of Our Lady to the visionaries and enjoy private time in prayer. It was from Apparition Hill where Our Lady first began inviting the world, through the visionaries and the village of Medjugorje, to respond to Her call. There have been literally thousands of apparitions of Our Lady to the visionaries’ quarter to 6 pm, where ever they are —apparitions that continue even to this day.

The Blue Cross is located at the left side of the base of Apparition Mountain. It is on this site that Our Lady appeared to the visionaries when they were hiding from the Communist police in the beginning days of the apparitions. A blue cross was erected to mark the spot of the apparitions, which led to the naming of the site, “Blue Cross”, where visionary Mirjana has Apparition every 2nd of the month at 9 am

11.00 Mass - (Adoration Chapel/Cenacolo/Chapel near Hill)/11:00 (check) (To book)
Afternoon visit the “Cenacolo” Community which was founded in Saluzzo (Italy) by Sr. Elvira Petrozzi in 1983, in order to help drug addicts. The main goal of the community is to discover and to live true values of Christian life. According to their words, their therapy is Jesus Christ, and the way of healing is prayer, work and friendship. The boys of the “Cenacolo” community gladly receive pilgrims and give witness of their conversion and liberation from drug addiction.

12:00 Free time after Mass
14:00 Castle (Patrick and Nancy Latta)
Visit the Nancy and Patrick Castle on your return to Medjugorje. In 1999, Nancy and Patrick Latta began to build a castle in Medjugorje, to be used as a retreat place for priests, nuns, seminarians, and religious.

17:00 Evening scheduled Parish program
17 h Joyful and Sorrowful Mysteries of the Rosary
18 h Holy Mass
19-20 h Blessings of objects, Prayer for health of soul and body, Glorious Mysteries of the Rosary

21 - 22 h
Adoration of the Most Blessed Sacrament

20:00 Dinner

Day 4 Siroki Tihaljina St Anthony church
07:00 Breakfast
09:00 Tihaljina
10:00 Mass Tihaljina 
Located 45 kilometers away from Medjugorje. Part of the visit to Tihaljina is a visit to the church of Immaculate Conception of Blessed Virgin Mary where our pilgrims have an opportunity to attend a Holy Mass. A day trip to the monastery and church in Tihaljina is also a popular pleasure trip. The parish priest Fr.Jozo Zovko 1985-1991 renewed the parish house and the church, and in its place of the old parish house is a new home for nuns, the grounds of the church have also attractively been reclaimed.

12:00 Siroki Brijeg, Franciscan Monastery with the Church dedicated to the Blessed Mother’s Assumption in Heaven (34 Franciscan priests were killed on 7 February, 1945)
The Monastery was built in the late Roman style. The Monastery also hosts gallery with over 1.500 art works. The Thirty Franciscan Martyrs of Široki Brijeg visited by thousands of pilgrims. Back in Medjugorje around 17.00 to join daily evening prayer program at St. James church
One angry soldier took the Crucifix and threw it on the floor. He said, “you can now choose either life or death.” Each of the Franciscans knelt down, embraced the Crucifix and said, “You are my God and my All.” The thirty Franciscans were taken out and slaughtered and their bodies burned in a nearby cave where their remains lay for many years. Today they are buried inside the Franciscan church. In our Gospel today Jesus said, “if anyone declares himself for me in the presence of men, I will declare myself for him in the presence of my Father in heaven.” The thirty Franciscan martyrs of Široki Brijeg are a powerful example of declaring oneself in the presence of others for Jesus. They lived something else Jesus also said in the Gospel, ‘Do not be afraid of those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul; fear him rather who can destroy both body and soul in hell.’

14:00 Lunch by Trebizat River
Lunch at the Restaurant Most, surrounded by nature, where you will experience unforgettable moments and taste the fine cuisine from our kitchen with its own style. The menu offers delicious specialties fresh river fish as well vegetarian plates made by fresh vegetables from the garden.
15:30 Ljubuski - St. Anthony’s Church, (Entrance included),
(Humc Museum - extra charge), St. Catherine’s Church - patron
Visit the oldest museum in the country, established in 1884, the Humac Franciscan Monastery (built in 1869) with its museum and beautiful parish of St. Anthony just outside the town of Ljubuški (15 minutes’ drive from Medjugorje). The Humac Museum hosts one of the finest collections of ancient relics, all found in the vicinity of the monastery.
The oldest script ever found in the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Humacka ploca, is exhibited here. This stone-carved slate written in Glagolitic is said to date back to the 10th century. The museum has a significant collection of relics from the Roman settlements including jewelers, weapons, helmets and hand carved tombstones.

17:00 Leave for Medjugorje
18:00 Evening Scheduled Parish Program/free time
18 h Holy Mass
19-20 h Blessings of objects, Prayer for health of soul and body, Glorious Mysteries of the Rosary

21 - 22 h
Adoration of the Most Blessed Sacrament

20:00 Dinner
Medjugorjie-45mins/Tihaljina-36mins/Siroki Brijeg 45mins/Trebizat-10mins/Ljubuski-18mins/Medjugorie

Day 5 Sarajevo
07:00 Breakfast
08:00 Sarajevo – 3 hrs (maybe stop for 15 mins half way)
11:30 Mass at Sarajevo Cathedral 
12:30 Sarajevo City Guided Tour to finish at Orthodox Church
The city of Sarajevo is considered as one of the most important cities in the Balkans and had a long and rich history ever since it was founded by the Ottomans in the15th century.
The tour's city sights include:
• The Turkish old town, known as Bascarsija
• Tiny Ottoman quarters lined with sweet shops, cafés and handicraft workshops
• Cultural centre of Austro-Hungarian times
• An Orthodox and a Catholic church, the cathedral of Jesus Heart, a mosque and a synagogue within easy walking distance of each other.
After the guided tour of the town you will have some free time to enjoy moving around on foot. Ferhadija is a famous pedestrian alley that goes through the heart of town and is always filled, day or night, with pedestrians of all ages

14:00 Free time – 14:00 to 16:30
16:30 SHARP - we leave Sarajevo to Medjugorje
20:00 Dinner

Day 6 Medjugorje and Mostar
07:00 Breakfast
07:30 Cross Mountain
11:00  Your guide will accompany you to the Cross Mountain. As you climb, you can see the inspired artistry of the bronze plaques depicting each mystery of the Way of the cross.

Cross Mountain (Krizevac)
“Krizevac” means “Mount of the Cross.” It is the highest mountain in the area. In 1933, the parish of St. James erected a large concrete cross to commemorate the 1900th Anniversary of Jesus’ passion and death on the Cross. Cross Mountain is central to one’s pilgrimage to Medjugorje. It is a penitential climb that lead pilgrims to reflect upon their relationship with God and what they need to change in their lives to draw closer to Him. Often deep healing, cleansing and peace is experienced at the summit of the mountain, at the foot of the cross, after pilgrims arrive at the top. Our Lady has made it clear in Her messages that it is Her desire to see pilgrims climbing both Cross Mountain and Apparition Mountain.

13:00 Free time – Lunch at the Hotel instead of the dinner
15:00 Mostar – guided tour
Mostar is one of the most frequented attractions of Bosnia, thanks to its exceptional natural beauty, its architecture and, of course, its famous site declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, the Stari Most. It is full of Ottoman architecture par excellence, with many traditional restaurants, markets, mosques and other historic buildings. One of the most famous sites of Mostar and Bosnia is the Old Bridge or 'Stari Most'. The bridge was built by the Ottomans in the 16th century and is exemplary of typical Islamic architecture and fine engineering. It crosses the beautiful river of Neretva and is located in the heart of the old town of Mostar.
17:00 Dinner in Mostar
After the guided Mostar tour, we will stop at Šadrvan Restaurant for dinner and some rest.The food is made using age-old local recipes, which you can savor with some of their local wine..

18:30 Leave for Medjugorje
19-20h Adoration of the Most Blessed Sacrament

Day 7 Surmanci and Dubrovnik
07:00 Breakfast
08:30 Leave hotel
09:00 Mass at Divine Mercy – Surmanci 
In the church of the little village of Surmanci, a place only a few kilometres away from Medjugorje, there is a miraculous icon of Jesus of Mercy. In 1990, this icon was in the Sanctuary of Divine Mercy in Trento. This is where Ugo Festa was cured miraculously. In this church, besides the icon of Jesus of Mercy, there is also a relic of St. Faustina.

10:00 Free time
16:00 Leave Hotel Luna to Dubrovnik
19:00 Arrival Hotel Astarea, Mlini close to Dubrovnik
20:00 Dinner at hotel
Day 8 Dubrovnik
07:00 Breakfast
09:30 Mass St. Blaise Church 
10:15 Dubrovnik Guided Tour
Although severely damaged by an earthquake in 1667, Dubrovnik managed to preserve its beautiful Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque churches, monasteries, palaces and fountains. Damaged again in the 1990s by armed conflict, it is now the focus of a major restoration program coordinated by UNESCO.
Then you will have free time to explore on your own.

12:00 Free Time till 16:00/17:00 (Can return to Hotel)
 Hotel to pick luggage

Participant Guidelines

Join Daily events:

Daily english Mass from 10 - 11 am and on Sundays at noon if the group does not travel with a priest

Evening prayer program at St. James church at 6 -9 pm